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Zheludev Group & Projects

FLEET - FLying ElectromagnEtic Toroids

Toroidal electrodynamics has become a key area for our research from 2004 with support from the UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council grant “Supertoroids Challenge Established Laws of Physics”. It is continued today as the European Research Council Advanced Grant “FLEET: Flying Electromagnetic Toroids”.

Our group claims the following major discoveries in the field of toroidal electrodynamics:

The first observation of electrodynamic toroidal moment in matter

The first observation of electrodynamic anapole, a non-radiating charge-current configuration

The first toroidal and anapole metamaterials

The first generation of toroidal light pulses – propagating counterparts of localized toroidal moments

Please visit the publications section of for more works in this field from our group.